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They told me to just accept things as they were

I told them that only fools chose that path

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Name:homicidal gay crush.
Birthdate:Apr 25

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ahahaha.wav, assassin's creed, attack on titan, because i fucking can, bioshock infinite, brozio auditore, but it's not symmetrical, calm your tits mikasa, claymore, code geass, covered in dudes, crossover pairings, deadman wonderland, devil may cry, elder scrolls, elizabeth godmod brigade, eren magica, eru erufu, fanfiction, final fantasy xiii, flipped the yan switch, for great justice, fun sized rivaille, fus roh daaaah, gundam, gundam 00, gundam age, i approve, i do what i want, i want a jonah too, idk my bff davinci, jormungand, k, kakumeiki valvrave, karneval, koko es loco, like a boss, madoka magica, mass effect, mm whatcha say, motherfucking titans in a motherfucking wall, moves like jaeger, ooh connor ooh, ore wa gundamu, psycho pass, roleplaying, sexy parties, shepard is a slut, shin megami tensei, shingeki no kyojin, shipping, skyrim, speaking in tongues, supaa pairotto, trollin like beatrice, what do, young justice, zetsuen no tempest

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